When reaching out for editing services, please let me know which type of editing you need and which type of regional English you use.

This is the most basic form of editing and involves correcting errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Copy Editing:
Copy editing corrects major grammatical mistakes and edits for fluency, sentence structure, consistency, voice (preserving the writer’s), and style.

Content Editing/Developmental Editing:
Content editing consists of an editorial letter and general comments in the first round, then specific comments in every additional round. I edit for plot execution, structure, characterization, pace, storytelling, and other non-grammar elements.


"It was a pleasure working with Stephi. In addition to basic editing services she gave insightful beta reading feedback. She is down to earth and friendly, not to mention affordable. I hired her to copy edit the opening pages of my book, and I liked the fact that she kept my voice. I would highly recommend her to writers." — Maya Kaddah, The Lost Piano

"Stephi is a great editor. I highly recommend her services. She's very thorough, great at explaining the reasoning behind her suggestions, and she truly wants to help her clients improve and learn from the editing process. I learned a lot from her, and now I keep her feedback in mind when I work on my other projects. Overall, she has made me a better writer." — Haley Sulich, Crimson Ash

Working with Stephi was such a delight! Her attention to detail is unmatched and my poetry book was made better because of her amazing editing skills! I recommend her all the time to anyone who asks me for advice on writing books because I know she would do a stellar job for them like she did for me!” — Biko McMillan, Writing on Roots, Blue Period

For all writing, beta reading, sensitivity reading, and social media marketing requests, please contact me here.