Stephanie Cham (better known as Stephi Cham) lives a life shaped by the arts. She developed her passion for music through her piano and vocal studies and by learning to play the zither, violin and guitar. Her favorite activity involves reading, sharing and creating stories. At eleven years old, she vowed to become an author.

From junior high through college, she actively participated in various orchestras, choirs, service organizations, academic teams and competitions for music and writing. In 2012, Stephi and her friends established Song of Hope, a nonprofit organization that performs at care communities to raise money for scholarships awarded to young musicians. She served on its board of directors through 2016.

Stephi ranked No. 1 in the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) statewide competition for piano. Inspired by her experience with the TMEA All-State Orchestra, Stephanie decided to continue musical work throughout her life.

Stephi's favorite musical performances include collaboration: she performed John Carmichael's "Concierto Folklorico II. La Noche" with the Seven Lakes HS Orchestras, accompanied Alexander Rybak on Rachmaninoff's "Vocalise," and performed Bernstein's "Chichester Psalms" with the Seven Lakes HS Fine Arts Department and countertenor Ryland Angel. 

Stephi began writing in early childhood, actively keeping a journal, writing poetry daily, and reading voraciously. Her first publications included two poems and a short essay under Creative Communication. In 2016, she worked for Odyssey in Dallas. She authored six nonfiction biographical books on Asian-Americans published under Capstone Press in 2018. She worked as Chief Copy Editor for The Daily Campus and was a staff writer for Student Media Co.

Today, Stephi remains a steadfast believer in pursuing her passions. She spends her time practicing, writing, exercising and reading and prioritizes her loved ones. She works as an accompanist, performer, and freelance writer and editor. Stephi is employed as a copy editor at editing and publishing company Write Plan. She continues exploring the art of self-expression and communication.


Stephanie was the principle pianist of the 2013 TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) All-State Orchestras and member of the 2014 Region 23 Choir. She has accumulated awards such as Outstanding Performer for piano in UIL (University Interscholastic League) Solo and Ensemble, superior ratings at UIL  Solo and Ensemble in ensemble, violin, vocal, and piano performances, superior ratings at TSSEC (Texas State Solo and Ensemble Competition), and superior ratings from the National Piano Guild Auditions. She was part of SMU's Honor Roll for two semesters.

Piano studies:

Stephanie has studied under the directions of Christina Wu, Constance Dvoretzky, Jo-Hwa Yao, Wei-wei Wang, Clive Swansbourne, and Shu-mei Shao. She continues her piano studies with private lessons under Dr. Carol Leone at SMU's Meadows School of Arts.